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Human Values

As Super Film, we evaluate gender equality within the framework of basic human rights, and therefore support the elimination of gender discrimination on every platform. 

We know the importance of providing equal opportunity to our employees without discrimination and the value it brings to the corporate culture. The distribution of male and female employees in the administrative office is as follows, as the number of our female employees is increasing every year. 

Human Values

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Our Human Values Trainings

We believe that sustainable growth can be achieved through lifelong training. We have launched our online development platform, the Sanko Development Portal, which includes nearly 620 trainings to support the professional and personal development of our employees. 

Average 615 minutes per person training period has been completed. With the Employee Satisfaction survey, we see our results and review the areas and processes that need improvement. 

With the launch of digital transformation Project, we transferred all our human resources modules onto digital platforms. Our new “Performance Evaluation System” is one of the many processes that has been digitalized. 

762 Saat

762 Hours of Training


423.715 Hours of Training

615 Dk

615 minutes education per person