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Responsible Usage of Energy and Resources

Günes Enerjii

SPP (Solar Power Plant)

Within the framework of supporting the use of renewable energy resources, which we have committed in our energy management system policy, the installation of SPP on the roofs of our Süper Film Gaziantep Campus has been initiated. With the 6.8 MWp solar power plant completed in May 2022, 9,200 MWe of energy will be generated annually. In this context, 4288 Tons of CO2 emissions will be reduced.

Yıllık 92 Mw

9200 MWe annually

Su Tasarrufuu

Water Conservation Studies

In our fight against drought, we have reduced our water consumption by 72% per tonne of raw material, thanks to our savings efforts since 2006. Since 2008, we have used and continue to use our water resources more efficiently by recovering an average of 19% of the water we have used from our Waste Water Recovery System.

%19 Atık Su

Waste Water Recovery of 19%

129.000 Kwh

Annual Energy Saving of 129.000 kWh

%72 Su Tüketim

Water Consumption Savings of 72%

Karbon Emisyonn

Carbon Emission Reduction

Transition to Hybrid Models in Our Company Vehicles 


In order to reduce our carbon emissions, we started to switch to hybrid models in our company vehicles as of 2018. 

In the first stage, we reduced our emission rate by converting 57% of the vehicles in our company  to Hybrid models. By 2024, we plan to switch to hybrid and/or electric models in all of our company vehicles. 

Transition to Electric Forklifts 

Super Film has converted 16 diesel forklifts into electric forklifts within the framework of sustainability in energy. 

As a result, an increase in indoor air quality was observed in our factories, while a significant amount of fossil fuel consumption was prevented. 

In 2020, more than 80% savings were achieved through diesel consumption compared to the previous year, and at the same time, approximately 170 tons of CO2e emissions were prevented.