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Our Sustainable Production Processes

We believe in the sustainability of circular economy. Therefore, in order to adapt all our processes to the circular economy, we follow global sustainability principles. Our production philosophy is to reduce consumption, reuse and recycle (3R – ReduceReuseRecycle).

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Innovation in Product Packaging

The plastic caps used in the reels are collected from the customers and reused in the outer packaging of the products. 

Reusable materials in the outer packaging of the products; we design the chipboard heads, covers and outer packaging used in the packaging of the films we produce from reusable or recyclable materials and collect them back from specific destinations and routes. 

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Waste Separation

Waste usage guidelines and waste sorting: We continuously improve our waste sorting processes and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills with advanced sorting systems and equipment. 

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Raw Material Recovery

Our wastes during production or films that are not suitable for use are turned into granular raw materials with EREMA recovery systems and reused within the scope of Good Manufacturing Practices. Unnecessary energy losses are prevented by giving the excess amounts to licensed companies as a direct raw material as an Industrial Symbiosis study. 

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Solvent Recovery

The solvent used in Adhesive Tape Production is absorbed and reused in our recycling facility, established in 2005. 

Our aim to minimize the amount of solvent emission.